Welcome to my virtual home, where we are all friends who come together for prayer and devotion. This is our gathering place not only when life traps us in its darkest corners and we feel alone, but also when we’re blessed beyond our wildest dreams and simply want to encourage others. I invite you to stop by each day to pray with us, share Bible verses, and compile a journal of daily inspiration. So grab your Bible and a pen. Together, we can lift one another up, giving Heavenly Father praises for the strength and reassurance we need to face each day with a positive attitude and an unwavering spirit.

My Story

Improve your relationship with God through writings from Christian author, Gwendolyn Carole Tipton of Cincinnati, OH. I have written three books, The Prayor: One Who Prays, Feeling Wheels, and The Prayor Worships with Isaiah.

My goal is to touch people's hearts through my writing and make them want to pray, becoming closer to God. I use the combination of journaling and prayer as my inspiration to write everyday.


The spiritual books from Gwendolyn Carole Tipton will bring you closer to God. I have three books available and am working on a fourth.


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